With the recent shift to working from home, there has been a tremendous amount of information about how we should take care of ourselves, in particular to sit less, and move more.

Most people understand this – it does not take much to persuade people of the importance of movement.

However, the harder part is implementing the change.  When it comes to creating new habits there is always an uncomfortable stage – unfortunately we often believe this stage will last forever; we believe that we’ve picked the wrong thing to start or improve – but this can happen with any change – the key is that is passes.

The other part of creating the change is knowing, or working out, where to start.

One of things that helps at this stage is to find the purpose behind the new habit – where do we want the habit to take us, what do we want to be doing differently, how do we want to be seen differently?

When we really believe in something and its purpose, we find an energy for it. Therefore, when it comes to moving more, the important question is: what do you want out of moving more/your exercise session/run/Pilates class?

Do you want to feel less stressed? Do you want to look toned and healthy? Do you want to be able to play with your children or grandchildren?

Thinking about our purpose in movement and what we will gain from it is a great motivator. When we keep moving, we are doing what we were born to do – we will perform better both physically and mentally.