Take a physical break and give yourself a mental boost – diarise a physical break meeting in your working day and go to it as if it were another meeting.

We are all well aware of how fast paced the world of work is and the challenge of wanting to feel that we are on top of it. To do this we can spend hours sitting at our desks, cracking through our “to do lists” in the hope that we will get to the end of it, or at least feel that we are on top of it.

However, hours of sitting will also leave us feeling tired and drained of energy.

We recognise that regular physical activity is key to preventing many of today’s illnesses, but it also helps to boost brain health, improve memory and reduce symptoms of stress and anxiety.

Movement and brain health are inherently interconnected, and research suggests that physical exercise is just as beneficial for the brain as it is for the body by helping new neurons to grow and thrive. The endorphins released during exercise not only help us to feel better – they help us to think better too.

Moving our bodies boosts our brains:

  • It can increase brain size through growing new connections and improving the health of the brain connections we already have.
  • It can help to prevent memory loss – when we move and improve blood circulation in the brain, it improves our mood, our attention span, our decision making and our problem-solving abilities.
  • It also boosts our mood – so when we are feeling tired at the never-ending do-list, movement releases endorphins which result in a boost of energy.

Movement is essential to our brain’s wellness – so next time you’re thinking of skipping your physical break meeting – don’t – keep it in the diary and do it – your brain and body will thank you for it.