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I’m Jane Basley and I’m the founder of Body Manoeuvres, which I set up with the simple goal of getting people to move more as they get older. Not only does this help us retain our independence, it also provides a huge boost to our mental wellbeing as well.

Although I have always had a passion for health and wellbeing, there have been numerous periods in my life, when I was not as active as I should have been.

 On top of that, seeing my parent’s health decline through not moving enough made me realise just how important it is that we keep active.


Clinical Somatics Instructor
Personal Trainer Level 3
Exercise Therapist Level 4
The Biomechanics Method Corrective Exercise Specialist
Sports Massage Therapist Level 3
Mat Pilates Instructor Level 3
Pink Ribbon Post Rehab Exercise Specialist
Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapist
NEAT Fit Coach


My mission to get people to move more is not about being great or even good at sport, it’s about being able to make those movements that our bodies were built for. The aim being, that we all live our lives to the fullest and be independent for as long as possible.

Good movement is based on those actions that we want to be able to make every day throughout our lives e.g., going up and down stairs with ease, keeping our balance if we are out walking on uneven surfaces, reaching for something in a high cupboard or bending down and pick something up from the floor or a low drawer.

"We should see movement as an opportunity, not an inconvenience."

Dr Paul Batman

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