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Corrective Exercise Therapy

A structural postural assessment is one of the most important tools I use to gather information about the condition and function of a client’s musculoskeletal system both prior to, and during a program of regular exercise.

I will initially complete a verbal consultation with you, followed by a non-invasive visual and hands-on assessments of your feet and ankles, knees, lumbo-pelvic hip girdle, thoracic spine, shoulder girdle, neck, and head.

The results of this structural assessment will provide information about the current state of your musculoskeletal system, and give insight into the way you move, and uncover any dysfunction that might show when you’re engaged in daily activities, exercise, and sports.

The Programme

Your programme will be designed to address any musculoskeletal dysfunction, will last approximately 6-10 weeks and is individually prescribed.
We begin with myofascial release, followed by stretching exercises and then strengthening exercises.
Typical kit that is useful for the programme, but will be agreed at the time with you, is a foam roller and tennis ball.
After each session I write up a home exercise programme for you to work on between our sessions.

What happens on the programme?

When we meet, we will cover the work you have been doing and establish how well it has been going.
If it is going well we will work on progressing the exercises; if there has been any discomfort then I work with you to find an alternative approach and/or regress the exercises.
By the end of the programme you will have a library of exercises to work with so that you can continue to improve your flexibility and mobility.

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