Keeping People Moving

At Body Manoeuvres we work with clients to keep them moving so they can “be the best they can be” and find the younger person inside themselves again.

Keeping You Moving

If you’re in your fifties or older you may be starting to feel the effects of the ageing process — creaky joints and a stiff neck and back. This may be the result of spending too long sitting at a desk if you are still working, or it may be that during the recent difficult times it’s been harder for you to be as active as you’d have liked.

The trouble is, it can be very easy to give in to it and think it’s just part of getting older, but it doesn’t have to be. Although you can’t change your age and halt the ageing process, there are some physiological processes that you can have some control over.

 A significant part of this involves strengthening many of the important core muscles. This doesn’t mean doing crunches to create a six-pack, in fact, many of the important core muscles are in the back of your torso. But if you don’t use these muscles they will slowly become weaker and less effective. And once you’ve reached this stage it will take much longer to get them back, so it’s vital to use them if you want to keep them.

Jane Basley

Move On Up

My name is Jane Basley, and I work with people to help them find the younger person inside themselves. I do this by simply helping them move more.

I specialise in working on a one-to-one basis with clients who are looking and feeling older than they would like to. I typically work with people who want to feel more agile and mobile and want to know what to do to improve their long-term physical wellbeing.

I offer a range of health and wellbeing services which includes Clinical Somatics, Exercise Therapy, Pilates, and sports massage.

Contact Me

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in and would like to know more, please contact me for a free half-hour consultation.

Client’s Thoughts


"The exercises and deep tissue massages were exactly what was needed in order to restore muscle strength and promote a good bend in my right knee. Thank you, Jane, very thorough and sensitive recovery sessions. Highly recommended."


PW, Maidenhead

"I have had multiple operations in the last few years and have seen a number of professionals to support with my rehabilitation of which Jane is definitely one of the best."


CGS, Twyford

"Jane’s approach and infectious enthusiasm in getting one’s body mobile and working as intended, is in a class of its own."


GL, Wargrave

"Jane’s knowledge about the human body is quite staggering. I've learnt so much more about my body and posture and the exercises she has provided me with have made a tangible difference and improvement to my mobility and flexibility."


SW, Maidenhead

"Thanks to you Jane, I now have full functionality of my right shoulder. Previously It caused me pain when trying to move and had been like this for a few years."


PAS, Maidenhead

"I approached Jane during lockdown. She managed to use virtual sessions (via Zoom) to guide me through an effective and manageable six-week programme. She really took the time to understand where my biggest pain points were coming from. I would highly recommend Body Manoeuvres to anyone seeking relief from joint/muscle pain."


LG, Woodley

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