Jane Basley

Post Breast Cancer Rehab

As a Pink Ribbon instructor, I work with breast cancer survivors to help their recovery.

Starting an exercise programme as soon as possible post-surgery is a key part of recovery and regaining function for women, and men, who have been affected.

The consequences of breast cancer treatment mean that day to day movements and activities can be more difficult, especially in the early stages.

What do I do?

Working from my own studio, I work with clients on a one-to-one basis to gradually build back mobility and strength.

I specialise in offering a 6-week rehab programme, comprising of two 30-minute sessions per week, that focus on making everyday activities easier.

The programme is Pilates based meaning that as well as helping clients to regain full range of movement and reduce the risk of lymphoedema, it also helps to improve posture, strengthen the core and improve confidence and well-being.

Clients are also provided with exercises to complete at home.

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